RAMA Artforms

About RAMA

RAMA Artforms felt like a natural expansion of my artistic abilities. As a lifetime painter and fine artist, I always loved gardening on the side. But when I discovered the art of creating kokedamas, I knew I had discovered a new way to express my artistic talents. I decided to bring painting and planting together to create RAMA. Translated from Spanish, “rama” means “branch.” RA also represents the sun and its thriving energy, while MA represents the moon and being receptive to our environment. I hope you enjoy the artwork (in any of its forms) and find a little piece of happiness to bring into your home.

Events / Classes

Come see our latest creations at our upcoming pop-up shops and farmers markets (dates/locations below). Or have RAMA come to you and host a DIY planting and painting event from the comfort of your own home.

Upcoming Events

New Moon BYOB Art Night
July 21, 2017 | 7:00 – 9:30 PM | $25 Per Person
Breath of Art, 5624 NW 84 Ave Miami, FL 33166

click event bride link for tickets

Questions?  Contact julie@ramaartforms.com to RSVP

Host a RAMA Artforms Class

Get a few of your friends together and host an art class from your own home.

Painting & Planting

Gather a few friends for a little fun painting and personalizing a terra-cotta planter, then pick out your favorite succulent for planting.

Kokedama Class

Learn how to plant and create your own Kokedama. Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai, where a plant’s root system is wrapped in soil, covered in moss and bound with twine, transforming it into a sculptural art form.

Moon Meditation & Painting

This class takes place during the Full or New Moon cylcles.   We bring meditation and creation together to help manifest your intentions.   Using mixed media and collage, create your own image surrounded by words, symbols and images resonating with your truest self.

Contact Us

At RAMA Artforms, we specialize in beautifully arranged succulents and acrylic painting. We also offer other services including arrangements for events, group classes, custom art work, and more. To inquire about these services or for any other questions, contact me today.

julie@ramaartforms.com • 786-385-7511